AIP – alarm information portal

  • ACRON7

    • Alerting per language, SMS, messenger, pager and email
    • Immediate and targeted notification of relevant recipients
    • Facilitates rapid action and prevents downtimes

    The challenge

    A few years ago the focus was merely placed on the automatic detection of alarms and the simple forwarding of fault messages and today the demands have increased significantly.

    The market demands a flexible notification system that reaches the correct contact partner in the company by means of varied and modern transmission media.

    Rapid and secure reactions are of utmost priority here in order to avoid production downtimes and plant system downtimes.

    Your requirement

    In the event of disruptions to your plant system, you want an immediate, targeted and efficient alert to take place? To enable a rapid reaction at any time and from any place which prevents standstills and downtimes?

    It needs an intelligent system to do this which ensures seamless, targeted communication and a short alerting process.
    A system which accurately supports consistent reporting chains with several escalation levels – from the employee to the team leader to the head of department. That guarantees notifications at any time and in any place: via telephone call, SMS, email, audio, messenger or pager.
    With AIP, we have developed a solution which is tailored to your requirements.

    The solution: AIP

    The alarm portal AIP closes the gap between the occurrence and reporting of a critical incident. AIP guarantees the reliable alerting and accurate notification of relevant recipients in your company. Therefore, the right decisions can be made in the shortest time in order to protect your system from downtimes and standstills.

    AIP automises alerting processes and guarantees, by means of established escalation chains, that every disruption can be immediately resolved. The integration of the most varied channels of communication enables AIP to achieve a rapid and targeted reaction even when on the move. Suitable recipients are notified immediately and everywhere about the alarms - also via email, SMS, voice, audio, messenger or pager.

    As a pure client/server type of application with a modular design, AIP cooperates with existing HMI/SCADA-, MES and ERP systems and seamlessly embeds itself into the IT architecture of your company. Secured communication, flexible configuration and multiple redundancy are the cornerstones of the concept.


    With AIP can you

    • React rapidly to disruptions and Avoid plant system downtimes
    • Generate alarms, record events and provide a universal information goal
    • Accelerate alerting and communication processes
    • To optimise the use of your service and maintenance staff

    Your advantages

    • Facilitates mobile working for service teams
    • Various types of media can be selected for alerting (SMS, email, pager, telephone, audio, messenger)
    • Optimised for the use in companies with increased security requirements
    • Connection of several HMI/SCADA control systems, MES and ERP systems are possible

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