• Always have your eyes on your plant system - even when on the move
    • Simple and quick planning – object-orientated, OPC UA based
    • Applicable in the smallest plant system up to large plant systems

    The challenge

    For a long time, the application of HMI/SCADA systems was only possible for limited mobile use. Comprehensive access to data and visualisations could therefore mostly only take place at stationary control and operating systems on-site. The changing requirements in the operation of modern plant systems have, however, resulted in the emergence of new challenges: Today it is essential to have a fast and flexible plant system configuration, an overview at all times and the individual adaptation of provided data, information and visualisations. Disruptions and problems are not limited to office times. Therefore, what is crucial here is the necessary data at any time and at any place and Information is available. This way, you can react quickly, securely and from any location.

    Your requirement

    You also wants to be informed fully and at any time while on the move, at home or during an appointment? It is important for you to get an overview of at all times of your planned plant systems? You want to be informed immediately, in-detail and accurately in the event of disruptions or alarms? So that you can make decisions quickly, correctly and efficiently?
    A solution is needed for this which also enables you full access to HMI/SCADA functions even when you are mobile. A system that enables you to configure individual visualisations for your plant system and to represent specific plant items down to the last detail. An application that informs you in real time about alarm statuses according to individually assigned categories. With atvise, the first solution world-wide for pure web-based HMI/SCADA. All that is possible.

    The solution: atvise

    atvise revolutionises the application areas of HMI/SCADA-systems with its first implementation in pure web technology on a world-wide scale. All SCADA functions are combined with atvise in a compact and platform-independent service process and integrated in an innovative, results-orientated system architecture. The broad range of functions of atvise comprises inter alia historical data storage, alarm processing and scripting as well as extensive trending functions such as i.e. the creation of trends and graphs online and historically, for filling levels or energy values, for boilers or pH values. Furthermore, atvise enables any device or software product to be extended with the integrated webserver by a powerful HMI. So that data and visualisations are available to you at all times on any terminal device and via any conventional web browser.

    Your advantages

    • Individual adaptation in line with your requirements – scaled irrespective of the industry, cross-plant and needs-based
    • Extensive design functions
    • Simple creation of animations without programming
    • JavaScript editor for maximum flexibility
    • Comprehensive connectivity through OPC Unified architecture
    • 30% efficiency increase by saving engineering time and thus the associated costs

    With atvise you can

    • access important HMI/SCADA functions anytime and anywhere
    • configure and plan web-based and platform-independent plant systems – quickly, universally and object-orientated
    • develop powerful HMIs which deliver images to you in “control room quality”
    • retrieve data and visualisation via any terminal device and via any web browser

    Our expert articles will be available here shortly.



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