IRMA - industry risk management automation

    • Continual monitoring
    • Effective analysis and alerting
    • Simple and quick to use

    The challenge

    The networking and general communication of IT systems finds its way into the productions with great speed. The basis for this is the Ethernet. Strictly separated networks for data exchange in the production plants are no longer available. This networking of production plants and its control units with the office IT or via the internet, offers companies not only advantages due to continual optimisation and flexibility of manufacturing – it also poses major risks.

    Established security elements such as anti-virus protection, Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems recognise well-known traditional malicious software such as Malware or Trojans. In light of the latest approaches and technologies of today´s cyber-attacks, this is no longer sufficient.

    Therefore, the efficient attack detection and thus the protection of production plants against cyber-attacks, internal manipulations or faulty configurations, represents a challenge which is growing in priority.

    Your requirement

    You want to know about the current security status of your IT network at all times? The relevant IT risks should be well-known and evaluated? Also in the case of a security incident i.e. by a cyber-attack the ability to act must be preserved?

    It is only with continual monitoring of communication in the production plant IT that new cyberattacks and manipulations can be discovered. In order to react immediately and to avoid damages, it is necessary to have an intelligent real time analysis with informative alarm notifications which are allocated according to priority.

    With IRMA, we have developed an IT security solution at the most up-to-date level to overcome these challenges.

    The solution: IRMA

    With IRMA you can rely on an efficient industry computer system with which cyber-attacks can be quickly identified and warded off.

    Without being active in the IT network, IRMA continually monitors your product plans, delivers information about cyber-attacks and enables the risk-based analysis as well as intelligent alerting by means of a clear Management consoles. In this way, risks can be evaluated early and actions can be initiated without hesitation in order to stop an attack or to defuse its consequences effectively.

    IRMA was developed as a state-of-the-art innovative IT solution and it thus ensures your ability to act in the event of a cyber-attack.

    With IRMA you can

    • Complete overview and security of your IT systems, networks and data connections
    • Integrated alarm management for cyber security incidents
    • Continual surveillance, attack recognition and reporting in real time
    • Methodical tool for a target-orientated risk analysis

    Your advantages

    • Optimal IT security at the most up-to-date level.
    • Immediate recognition of anomalies in the IT network
    • Passive surveillance automation
    • Protection of non-patchable systems, i.e. Windows NT/2000/XP, old SPS, OPC Classic
    • Protection of certified production plants and processes without recertification (i.e. pharmaceutical, chemistry, food)
    • Immediate operational readiness through simple Installation and cross-vendor concept
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