The cloud-based platform for the industrial internet

The development of cloud computing has begun the next stage of development for the industrial internet and its applications.

The fourth industrial revolution has its own currency: data. Thanks to networked machines and intelligent software, Industry 4.0 can be implemented considerably more quickly. At the centre here is the re-definition of the relationship between humans and machines. In a manner similar to the consumer market, an application-oriented market with its own apps is also forming within the industry; a market which works efficiently independently of device and location. Of course, applications which are designed for the industry have various expanded parameters. However, in a secure environment, the industrial data does then take similar paths to those used by private applications.


  • Optimised for industrial demands

    Reliable and secure linking of assets

    A reduction in costs thanks to comprehensive analysis opportunities

    The operating system for the industrial internet


    • Networking of production plants / machines which are distributed around the world

    • A database for the entire company

      with almost unlimited analysis opportunities

    • Cost reduction

      through optimal use of cloud technologies

    • High data security in all areas

    • A key part of PREDIX is its large number of existing tools

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