WEB Meetings @ VIDEC

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Stay up to date with VIDEC products – easily, conveniently and securely from anywhere: For this purpose, we organize regular and free WEB Meetings on various product and solution topics in different depths – depending on your needs.

The Concept

  • Duration approx. 30-45 minutes
  • Everything covered:
    1 presenter – product presentation via PowerPoint
    1 technical staff (training/support) – examples directly in the product
    2 employees (support/sales) in chat – interactive question opportunities
  • We show and explain, you ask – we answer
  • WEB Meeting information and evaluation
  • On request, data sheets and information on the topics shown
  • Everything online, everything digital

We offer you 3 categories of WEB meetings in terms of content:


The introduction to the VIDEC product world. Here we present the basic features and functions of our software in a live presentation. Participants gain an initial overview of the product structure, the possible applications and the benefits for their own operations.

Deep View

These meetings are primarily technology-oriented. The goal is to go deeper into the product and implement individual tasks live. A beforehand idea of the product structure is an advantage – but you can make up for this in this category with technical understanding.


An interaction and discussion as a concept in dialog from developer to user. Here, pilot products, ideas, and VIDEC-internal studies are discussed with a view to possibilities, feasibility and further product development. Join us and give us hints on your emerging thoughts and ideas.

No matter which categories you are interested in – you can look forward to a relaxed, informative WEB Meeting in which even non-technicians will have fun. According to the motto: “Take ideas with you!”. The coffee, however, you will have to make yourself. 😉

The Dates

NOTE: The WEB Meetings are hosted as livestreams directly on our website and are only available to registered customers: To register for and participate in future livestreams, you must be registered as a customer and logged in on our website.

No current events available. 

(Please note that registrations are only possible until 30 minutes before the start of the WEB Meeting).

VIDEC WEB Meeting How-to:

For participation we recommend the use of headphones with integrated microphone (headset) – in quiet environments, of course, the PC speaker works as well.

During the WEB meetings, you have the opportunity to ask questions in writing via a chat window. These will be collected at the end of the presentation and either answered immediately or afterwards by e-mail or telephone.

There is only a limited number of participants for each meeting, so if you are interested, please register in good time via the corresponding link. You will automatically receive a confirmation email with meeting access and more detailed information about the event and your participation.

Of course, you can also arrange a personal WEB Meeting in which only your topics and questions are discussed and we will talk about your exact task individually.